About namdev.co.in

namdev.co.in is an innovative online namdev community service run by Indas Technologies.


This is the age of electronic communication and technology and namdev app is an effort towards namdev society using this technology for following objectives
  • A high-tech, firm and united namdev samaj with no area boundaries any more.
  • Creating a best social integration and intellectual growth via firm public relations.
  • Invite youth to be part of social activities and help elders to achieve social targets.
  • Shape, sensitize and cultivate namdev samaj for excellence combined with right attitudes, values and ideologies.
  • A responsible society, developing leaders in our society who will unite the families to give legacy to our children that they feel proud of.
  • Facilitating namdev samaj through appropriate skills and methodologies and to exercise responsible leadership and render selfless service to the society.